Pre-marital Counseling Class

10.24.14. Prepare Enrich slide

The Prepare-Enrich program is Linville Services’ chosen program for our Pre-Marital Counseling Class. We enjoy the group interaction of couples anticipating marriage. The couples who attend class together seem to enjoy each other, too.  The Prepare-Enrich assessment is customized for first time marriages, re- marriages, marriages where kids are already present and marriages for those who are over age 50.

The computerized assessment is based on 30 years of research and refinement. National studies have demonstrated that the program is effective in helping couples develop their strengths and improve their problem areas.

Ten relationship strength and growth areas are measured. They are: Communication, Conflict Resolution, Partner Style and Habits, Financial Management, Leisure Activities, Sexual Expectations, Family and Friends, Relationship Roles and Spiritual Beliefs. The assessment identifies which of these areas are strengths and which ones are growth areas. The class teaches exercises to maintain strengths and improve growth areas. Marriage takes work and just because a strength is identified now, does not automatically ensure that it will remain a strength. Couples must feed and nurture their relationship. This class gives the tools needed to do so.

Prepare-Enrich assesses four more areas of your relationship. The first is called Relationship Dynamics and assertiveness is an example of a relationship dynamic. The second area is a Personal Stress Profile for both members of the couple. The third area is about how Closeness and Flexibility interact in the couple relationship and how Closeness and Flexibility interacted in each member’s family of origin.  The fourth area that Prepare-Enrich explores is personality.  The SCOPE personality scale is used to demonstrate similarities and differences in personality.

So many factors affect the formation of the couple relationship. We hope you will join us in one of our classes. The next class will meet on October 24/25.  You can enroll by calling Robin at 765-642-1853.

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